Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mystery Email

My work email is posted on our website and I'm guessing that's where this email came from. Two days ago I received an email from a potential customer who originally wanted to purchase a road bike. Once I replied, he wrote back saying he would get bored on a road bike. Whatever. This is the latest email I received...

"If the weather holds up I would love to stop by this weekend. Now once I
get there you guys better not try to up sell me. I have experienced this
at other shops. I have already made up my mind; the differences between
a $350 bike and a $600 bike are the components and I can always upgrade
those in the future if I get hooked.

Hope to see you Saturday"

Am I being threatened? What happens if I try to upsell? I love ignorance! I will report back this weekend...

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