Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wrong Aid

I have been thinking a lot lately how I have a strong dislike of a certain pharmacy. This store is very close to my house, very convenient, and on my way to work. The location of this store is prime real estate. It is in an upscale area of town. I strongly believe this store has no concept of customer service. I really can't remember a time when I personally experienced an employee going out of their way to help me. I have three examples of times that this store has "wronged" me.

#1 This summer I rode my bike most places. I tried not to crank my car for at least a week at a time. So this means all errands were done on my bike. This included picking up my prescription at the pharmacy. This pharmacy has a very convenient drive thru. Several times I was seen riding my bike through this area. One day, the man at the drive thru informed me that I was no longer allowed to ride my bike there. I asked him why? He stated that someone was almost hit in the drive thru. I looked at the man and told him that I ride my bike on the road everyday with lots of cars. "Do you really think I am afraid of being hit in the drive thru?" He stated that it was company policy and I was no longer allowed to do it.

#2 The day I was released from the hospital after having surgery on my broken ankle, I needed to get a prescription of pain killers filled before I went to my parent's house. My father pulled up in the drive thru and sent the prescription through the contraption into the pharmacy. I asked the lady if I could run to my house to pick up a few things and return in 20 minutes to pick up my medicine. She told me it would take 1.5 hours to fill the prescription. I am pretty sure all they had to do was put a few pills in a bottle, but whatever. I explained to her that I just had surgery on my ankle and it would really help if I could do this. She said that if I came inside and waited, they could fill it for me in 15 minutes! Are you kidding me? Are you really asking a girl on crutches to hobble inside to pick up her prescription quicker? My father, who never really gets upset, was infuriated! So I hobbled to the back of the store with my father at my side. When we approached the counter my father said, "Here she is on her crutches to pick up her prescription." Nobody in the pharmacy seemed concerned.

#3 Most recently, I needed to buy razor blades. I went down the razor/shave gel aisle only to find that ALL razor blades are locked up. A sign was posted that informed me to find a sales associate to purchase blades. I looked everywhere for about 10 minutes and could not find anyone. I am led to believe that all associates were hiding from me. I decided to get them on my next visit to the store. So a week later I walked in the store and immediately saw a sales associate. I asked her politely if she would unlock the razor blades for me. She was not so friendly, but she did it anyways. I asked her if people steal razor blades and she quickly stated, "yes!" I then put my hand out for her to hand them to me, and she was quick to remind me that she would give them to the cashier at the front. I then asked her why they didn't put sensors on them. She didn't answer me.

I am going to do some research and find a better place for me to go for my medicinal needs. Hopefully I can find a local pharmacy. I regret saying this, but I really hope this company goes out of business. If they do, they will probably blame it on the economic downturn, but I will know that it was because of their lack of customer service and compassion!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dog in a Blog

Today is Bailey's birthday. He is 6 years old. I can't believe I have had him this long. Although I adopted Bailey very impulsively, he has been a great companion. We have lived in many different houses together and been through many ups and downs together. There are many times I threaten him with adoption. He doesn't believe me. Bailey has definitely tried my patience through the years, but I wouldn't change him for anything. He is a very loving dog with a huge personality. My favorite things about Ba are that he loves wearing clothes, he gives the best kisses, and his personality is very similar to mine. Tomorrow he will have cake with his family to celebrate his birthday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monsters, Inc.

Today I was reminded several times how many "monsters" there are out there. I saw bad sides of several people today. This made me start to think about how we create monsters out of people. We let people get away with things over and over, and sometimes never say anything. If a person does something negative once or twice, and no one corrects them, in their head, it is justified to continue doing.

I will be the first to admit I have created several monsters in my life. I have let friends take advantage of me without ever saying a word. I was probably too afraid to "rock the boat," so I just let them continue their negative behavior. What if I had stopped them earlier on and said something? Would this have changed them or changed our relationship? One will never know. I know I have created a monster in my dog. He is spoiled rotten and I did that to him. I always give him what he wants. I was very close to naming him "Sully." He was a character from a kid's movie called "Monsters, Inc." Go figure. That would have been more fitting than the name he has. I believe I am a monster too. I am sure my family would love to tell of my monstrous ways.

Are we co-signing the behavior of people around us by not saying anything at all? Are we creating monsters out of people? Take a look at your significant others, coworkers, bosses, friends, children, parents, clients, etc. Would they be a better, more likable, successful human beings if we just told them about their damaging behavior? Are we saying it is okay for people to lie, cheat, steal, whine, bitch, drink to excess, etc?

Society creates monsters too. Government, media, school, and corporations do this everyday. As I was finishing my sushi tonight, American Idol was on. This is a silly example, but media creates monsters out of these people who try out for this show. It glorifies making fun of the dregs of society. Most recently, the government has created monsters out of these big corporations by "bailing" them out. Schools create monsters by not addressing negative actions or lack of intelligence, but simply sweep them under the rug or pass them on to the next grade.

I will think about this before I create another monster.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a "Bucket List"

This is a list I created exactly one year ago. An older friend of mine told me about her list of 50 things to do before she turned 50. I was really inspired by her list and her ideas. I decided to do one of my own...

1. Have a makeover for one night
2. Take a cooking class
3. Give blood
4. Ride in a yacht on the ocean
5. Go to the Kentucky Derby
6. Take an alternative fitness class
7. Bungee jump
8. Get professional pictures taken
9. Eat at Tavern on the Green
10. Go to the Grand Canyon
11. Go to a major sporting event
12. Drive an old convertible
13. Ride in a hot air balloon
14. Skydive
15. Stay in a tiki hut on the beach
16. Buy a house
17. Run in the Cooper River Bridge Run
18. Pick strawberries
19. Be in the audience of a talk/awards show
20. Win my age division in a race
21. Visit the Alamo
22. Watch the launch of a space shuttle
23. Ride in a helicopter
24. Go to Asia
25. Stay at Beverly Hills Hotel or Chateau Marmont
26. Go to a professional baseball game
27. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
28. Go to Las Vegas
29. Live until 50 and celebrate with my friends
30. Go to a NASCAR race
31. Go to a fashion show
32. Ski in Colorado
33. Donate hair to cancer
34. Be in a movie/tv show
35. Compete in a triathlon
36. Go to a zoo
37. Go to a Broadway show
38. Take a photography class
39. Raise kids
40. Surf in the ocean
41. Ride in a gondola
42. Get married
43. Run in a marathon
44. Get a massage on the beach
45. Kiss a man at the Eiffel Tower
46. Visit my friend in London
47. Visit Hawaii
48. Take a pottery class
49. Swim with dolphins
50. Hike a huge mountain

My only stipulations were that I could not put anything on the list that I have done before. They are not listed in any particular order. Looking back, some things are silly, but still something interesting that I would like to do. Maybe for the experience. I did a few things this past year. I don't mind if I don't get to everything on this list. I may change some. We shall see...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was reminded of grad school today in my seminar. I am attending a program for a topic I know very little about. Almost everyone else has been doing this stuff for 10 years plus. I went to grad school straightaway with very little experience. Same deal, several older students who had "been in the field." Both of the situations are very similar in that the older more experienced students want to interject their experience, their knowledge, and their findings throughout. I feel like it wastes my time to hear these people talk about things that are probably wrong. Let the teacher do the teaching! You have enrolled in this program to learn. It's funny to watch the teachers when these students do this. It always ends up in some sort of argument.

I believe in grad school this is when I took the approach of sitting in the back row, texting my friends, and reading magazines. I still made straight A's. Hopefully I won't be tempted to do the same tomorrow.

Off to bed...


Friday, January 9, 2009

"She's Tough"

I returned to physical therapy this morning. My guy is worried about my limited amount of visits I have left. Hopefully I can get this worked out in my favor. Most people dread going to physical therapy, but I have always liked it. It's not too painful, and way more helpful.

I overheard my guy telling his intern about me. He kept saying, "she's tough." This made me happy. Later on in the day, a customer came in and immediately told me that he is good friends with my physical therapist. He explained that his friend was telling him about a patient (who goes unnamed due to HIPAA), that works in a bike shop and broke her ankle really badly a couple of months ago. He was excited to explain how her friend carried her out of the woods, and that she sent him back in to get the bikes. He told his friend that she was such a "hard ass."

I like this side of me. I realize people can't be strong all the time. I feel weak when the other side comes out. Being vulnerable is hard for me...I feel vulnerable in writing this...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This day started off kind of hectic. I almost got into several wrecks on the way to the dog groomers. I am led to believe that people were driving crazy because of the rain or because the buckets on their head were obstructing their sight. After my morning errands, I stopped off at a different coffee place than I usually go. I decided to try out my negotiation skills some more by calling medical people about my bills. I received some good news after talking with several people. When I stepped out of the door of this coffee place, I looked down and noticed the tile on the doorstep. It immediately sent me back at least 15 years to a time when my family would eat lunch at Anderson's. This was a family-owned, home-cooking, type of place that I would go with my family on Sundays. I believe it all started with my father going there after I was born across the street at Presbyterian Hospital. I have some really fond memories of this place. As I stepped into my car, I looked at the side of the building where the old restaurant sign still hung. Right beside it is the green symbol with the lady in the middle that we all know very well. I really wish Anderson's was still there...I can't think of another restaurant where I have so many memories from...

Off to bed to get ready for another busy, but work-free day!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

5am Quote of the Day

"I feel like you have this false sense of what it means to have someone special in your life." Enough said, the end.

more later,


Saturday, January 3, 2009


Tonight I ate dinner with some friends who agreed with my decision to let go of some unhealthy relationships I have carried on way too long. This was good for me to hear at this moment.

I had a weird, almost creepy experience at a friend's house tonight. Knock on wood that it won't happen again.

Day two of my boss being nice to me. This relieves me, but I am wondering how long it will last...gotta keep selling bikes, trainers, and spin shoes to all of the people who can't wait to start their New Year's resolutions!

Hopefully I will be motivated to ride my bike on the trainer tomorrow...



Stale Bread, Sugar Bowl, & Smoke

I just got out of the shower after returning home from the sports bar where I watched my team lose in the Sugar Bowl. I reeked of smoke and bar funk. I am really disgusted by cigarette smoke but I do like this shirt I received as a gift. It has a really nice fit, and includes the long sleeves underneath the short sleeve part. This makes me happy.
My morning started off hectic. I find myself being very impatient in my car. I wish I could just ride my bike. I wolfed down some banana nut bread from the Laurel Market on the way to the shipping store. I probably wouldn't have eaten it except for the fact I was absolutely starving! I could not force myself to eat the last few bites, so I rolled down my window to chunk it out, and it hit the inside of my car with a thud. Gross.

Work was not so bad. I sold two bikes and my boss did not hate me today...

More later,


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lonesome Beginnings

The start of a new year always forces people to look back at the previous year and analyze what happen or didn't happen, and look forward to what the future will bring (hopefully). It seems like a very optimistic time of year. I am not feeling very optimistic about what the future will bring. Most people create so called "resolutions" in which he/she will "solve" a current problem to become a better person. There are lots of quandaries I would like to "fix."

I do not want to be a patient or talk about what happened anymore. Symbolically, I will remove the boot, move on, and never look back. This is not a time in my life I am very proud of. I have made some poor decisions that other people have had to clean up for me. I have also felt very weak and helpless which is hard for an independent soul to endure. This time also represents an awakening in attitudes and appreciation.

Mourning. Losing several friendships has been difficult. Appreciate the people who appreciate you. Losing physical and emotional strength is hard to regain. Physical therapy will rebuild the first...what will rebuild the latter?

Motivation. I will work harder in the things I do. I have always just coasted by with very little effort exerted. Is it better to be outstanding in one area or pretty good in lots of areas?

Sentiments. I have been trained in helping others express their feelings. Mine need help. I have never thought I was very good at communicating myself on paper or to the ones that mean the most to me.

With all of this said, I feel very nervous about a lot of things. I also feel very lonely in the social and professional areas of my life. My horoscope today stated, "It's time to take your medicine and get better." I guess that means it's time to learn to walk on my own two feet again...

Time to get some rest for a busy day tomorrow.