Friday, January 9, 2009

"She's Tough"

I returned to physical therapy this morning. My guy is worried about my limited amount of visits I have left. Hopefully I can get this worked out in my favor. Most people dread going to physical therapy, but I have always liked it. It's not too painful, and way more helpful.

I overheard my guy telling his intern about me. He kept saying, "she's tough." This made me happy. Later on in the day, a customer came in and immediately told me that he is good friends with my physical therapist. He explained that his friend was telling him about a patient (who goes unnamed due to HIPAA), that works in a bike shop and broke her ankle really badly a couple of months ago. He was excited to explain how her friend carried her out of the woods, and that she sent him back in to get the bikes. He told his friend that she was such a "hard ass."

I like this side of me. I realize people can't be strong all the time. I feel weak when the other side comes out. Being vulnerable is hard for me...I feel vulnerable in writing this...

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