Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a "Bucket List"

This is a list I created exactly one year ago. An older friend of mine told me about her list of 50 things to do before she turned 50. I was really inspired by her list and her ideas. I decided to do one of my own...

1. Have a makeover for one night
2. Take a cooking class
3. Give blood
4. Ride in a yacht on the ocean
5. Go to the Kentucky Derby
6. Take an alternative fitness class
7. Bungee jump
8. Get professional pictures taken
9. Eat at Tavern on the Green
10. Go to the Grand Canyon
11. Go to a major sporting event
12. Drive an old convertible
13. Ride in a hot air balloon
14. Skydive
15. Stay in a tiki hut on the beach
16. Buy a house
17. Run in the Cooper River Bridge Run
18. Pick strawberries
19. Be in the audience of a talk/awards show
20. Win my age division in a race
21. Visit the Alamo
22. Watch the launch of a space shuttle
23. Ride in a helicopter
24. Go to Asia
25. Stay at Beverly Hills Hotel or Chateau Marmont
26. Go to a professional baseball game
27. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
28. Go to Las Vegas
29. Live until 50 and celebrate with my friends
30. Go to a NASCAR race
31. Go to a fashion show
32. Ski in Colorado
33. Donate hair to cancer
34. Be in a movie/tv show
35. Compete in a triathlon
36. Go to a zoo
37. Go to a Broadway show
38. Take a photography class
39. Raise kids
40. Surf in the ocean
41. Ride in a gondola
42. Get married
43. Run in a marathon
44. Get a massage on the beach
45. Kiss a man at the Eiffel Tower
46. Visit my friend in London
47. Visit Hawaii
48. Take a pottery class
49. Swim with dolphins
50. Hike a huge mountain

My only stipulations were that I could not put anything on the list that I have done before. They are not listed in any particular order. Looking back, some things are silly, but still something interesting that I would like to do. Maybe for the experience. I did a few things this past year. I don't mind if I don't get to everything on this list. I may change some. We shall see...

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  1. OK, so I've studied your list, which has made me want to make one too!!, and when you come visit we'll knock off a few. 2-we can get Fred to do a cooking class with us, 11-we'll go to a professional soccer game, nothing like it, 36-my friend works at the zoo in London and I've never been, 37-if you don't mind changing Broadway for West End as it's got all the same shows, and obviously 46!! Also, while we might not stay there we can go to some of the Chateau Marmont London equivalents for Champagne Tea!