Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This day started off kind of hectic. I almost got into several wrecks on the way to the dog groomers. I am led to believe that people were driving crazy because of the rain or because the buckets on their head were obstructing their sight. After my morning errands, I stopped off at a different coffee place than I usually go. I decided to try out my negotiation skills some more by calling medical people about my bills. I received some good news after talking with several people. When I stepped out of the door of this coffee place, I looked down and noticed the tile on the doorstep. It immediately sent me back at least 15 years to a time when my family would eat lunch at Anderson's. This was a family-owned, home-cooking, type of place that I would go with my family on Sundays. I believe it all started with my father going there after I was born across the street at Presbyterian Hospital. I have some really fond memories of this place. As I stepped into my car, I looked at the side of the building where the old restaurant sign still hung. Right beside it is the green symbol with the lady in the middle that we all know very well. I really wish Anderson's was still there...I can't think of another restaurant where I have so many memories from...

Off to bed to get ready for another busy, but work-free day!


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