Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ride Your Bike!

I commonly hear this phrase from good friends of mine. Although it normally has some sort of explicative in there! That's what I did this week. After I got my ass kicked in the race last weekend, I decided that I just need to ride my bike! I rode everyday except Thursday. I rode with lots of different people and had many different experiences. I rode with regular cyclists (in your typical spandex and such) and with "hipsters." Every ride I had was great! I rode 60 miles today and hung on the entire ride. I am very proud of my performance this week. The rest of my day today was rough though. Very sore and had a headache. I will continue this trend next week. Hopefully I will have some sort of a schedule to follow to get me to a point where I am very strong and competitive.

Lots of changes are happening! Stay tuned!

night. kt

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team BMC Presented by Ridgeline

My plan for the day was to wake up and travel with a friend to watch him race in a criterium. I took my bike and gear to get in a ride while I was up there. My friend and I loaded up our BMC's onto the Kuat rack on the Ridgeline and headed north. Something that I have learned about myself; it's pretty easy to talk me into doing something that I am curious about. I was talked into registering for the women's race. After much needed advice from more experienced riders, I was off. It was a 30 minute criterium. I led the second lap...that was my demise. I fell off the back after that and it was downhill. I talked myself out of quitting several times. I just wanted to finish my first race and I did. My friend was disappointed in his performance too. Team BMC presented by Ridgeline didn't have a good showing today. I learned lots, gained experience, and now my interest has been peaked!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Empty Hangers?

What do you do when you go to hang up clean clothes and you have no empty hangers? I think people commonly would problem solve by purchasing new hangers. Not this girl! I did a small sweep of my closet and came up with a handful of hangers. I am a big fan of donating to goodwill. Less than 6 months ago, I donated over 10 garbage bags of things from my house. It's that time again! I have motivation and a need to downsize my belongings in the upcoming weeks. More to come on that later!

Overall, I have had a better week this week than last week. I'm hoping the trend continues. This is who I spent my evening with...

Super cute 2 year old. We spent a large part of our time together swinging on the front porch swing and enjoying the perfect weather. Oh yeah, I LOVE front porch swings. Never had one, but my next house WILL have a front porch with room for a swing! Everytime the swing hit the house, I taught her to say "whoopsie daisy." Very cute. I am passing time with her again tomorrow night.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning...not changing jobs again, don't worry. It's for some possible part time temporary therapeutic work. I am definitely not ready to dive into therapy again, but a little won't hurt!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday but I did all three of these things before 9am:

1) Canceled my cable
2) Canceled my YMCA membership
3) Downgraded my cell phone plan

All of these things will save me over 2 hundo a month! Very exciting! What else will I cancel...stay tuned!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Years of School?

How did I do it?! As I am sitting here trying to study (yes that's right, study!), I am thinking about all the years of school I participated in. High School, College, and Graduate school. I know how I did it. I attended class (most of the time), listened (sort of), took notes (or passed notes), and took tests (I was usually one of the first to turn mine in). Studying has never been my strong suit. I can't do it. I have trouble concentrating big time.

I am 4 hours short of continuing education hours to renew my license for another 2 years. So here I sit, in the 24 hour bakery (Amelie's) reading about ethics and school violence. I had to do 4 hours of ethics. So I picked the cheapest internet class. I did fine the first 3 chapters, but each one after that I became too distracted. There are too many websites to visit and too many people to people watch. I will get through this at some point...


Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Best Parts

Of my day today;

1. Finding out my dog was okay
2. Having my physical therapist tell me that the pleasure of working with me was all his
3. Canceling my cable service

The worst parts of my day; every other moment. It's been a rough week, but I am looking forward to a better one starting tomorrow!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Day (Act Two)

After the bakery, I went to Earf-fare and bought a few things. My drink spilled all over my pants in the car, but it was okay! Then I stopped by work. Be prepared for the best part of my boss showed me a typed up letter that a customer wrote about me. No, it wasn't a bad one, it was actually very very complimentary. The customer mentioned how great my customer service and knowledge was. I guess that makes up for my complaint from a few weeks ago!

Few hours later, I arrived at my house to find my power was out! It came on about 20 minutes later, and once again another great thing happened, my internet worked! I am not banking on my power being on long since it is about to storm very badly. I think I am going to make sure my cell phone and computer are fully charged before it goes out again!

My Day

This is what my afternoon consisted of...

Bike riding, grocery store shopping, meetings, dessert, coffee, people watching, working (on my day off!), and reconnecting with previous coworkers. I have several good things in the works for the future. I hope it all works out in my favor. And despite all the possible hits on my credit in the past 8 months, I have a perfect credit score!

And more amazingly, I just found out this bakery is open 24 hours a day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


That sums it up. I am tired at work and especially after. To the point where I don't think I am much fun to be around afterwards because my brain isn't functioning properly.

Good news of the day; I rode my bike twice and finally realized that I feel very strong right now. It is good to have my confidence back. I lost lots of power and muscle and I finally feel very confident.

No more words of wisdom tonight...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Wednesday night. Went to dinner with a bunch of friends. The "father" of the group picked the restaurant. Let me preface this by saying that we were in the Concord Mills vicinity at the time. Sooooo, not a lot of great restaurants to choose from. We ended up at this cajun place called, Razoos or something like that. Seven of us sat at a huge round table. I almost want to say it felt like there was an empty chair on either side of each of us. Anyways, after we perused the menu, "father" stated that we could go to the mexican restaurant next door but that the food would be really cheesy. One of my friends stated that he wouldn't mind going to a place where he could tell them to go light on the cheese instead of a place that has a lot of unhealthy, unecessary ingredients in their dishes. We ended up staying at the cajun place. I read every item description on the menu at least twice TRYING to find a somewhat healthy item. No such luck. I ordered baked catfish with rice and fried okra. I have a soft spot for fried okra. I figured baked was better than every other dish that was fried, blackened, or both. Several of my friends ordered the hamburger or "hamboiger" as it was printed on the menu. After we each received our platters, I noticed that no matter what you ordered, there was a huge helping of seasonings sprinkled (or dumped) on everything! I pictured the food prep line in the kitchen with one dude at the end of the line whose sole responsibility was to turn up the big jug of seasonings on every platter. Salads, seasonings. Soup, seasonings. Rice, seasonings. Even the hamboigler had seasongs. I bet the desserts even had seasonings! I picked at my food and ate some of what was on my plate just because it was sitting there. I felt sick the entire ride home and scrubbed my teeth immediately upon arrival of my bathroom. My stomach turned the next day when the place was mentioned. One of my friends noted that we should have just looked at the place before we walked in and realized we didn't belong. Applebee's (which I hate) would have probably been better.

Food is a very interesting topic. I have been exposed to very unhealthy eating habits lately. Entire chocolate creme pies, entire boxes of fried chicken, and entire watermelons in one sitting! Wow.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Quote o' the Day: "I'm gonna go to a shop where the employees make me feel like a human." Go right ahead jerk. You are right, I treat people like robots. If you are feeling less than human in any situation, you should probably check your batteries. Or better yet, I could sell you new batteries, but you will have to re-program your own computer!