Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ride Your Bike!

I commonly hear this phrase from good friends of mine. Although it normally has some sort of explicative in there! That's what I did this week. After I got my ass kicked in the race last weekend, I decided that I just need to ride my bike! I rode everyday except Thursday. I rode with lots of different people and had many different experiences. I rode with regular cyclists (in your typical spandex and such) and with "hipsters." Every ride I had was great! I rode 60 miles today and hung on the entire ride. I am very proud of my performance this week. The rest of my day today was rough though. Very sore and had a headache. I will continue this trend next week. Hopefully I will have some sort of a schedule to follow to get me to a point where I am very strong and competitive.

Lots of changes are happening! Stay tuned!

night. kt

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