Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Day (Act Two)

After the bakery, I went to Earf-fare and bought a few things. My drink spilled all over my pants in the car, but it was okay! Then I stopped by work. Be prepared for the best part of my boss showed me a typed up letter that a customer wrote about me. No, it wasn't a bad one, it was actually very very complimentary. The customer mentioned how great my customer service and knowledge was. I guess that makes up for my complaint from a few weeks ago!

Few hours later, I arrived at my house to find my power was out! It came on about 20 minutes later, and once again another great thing happened, my internet worked! I am not banking on my power being on long since it is about to storm very badly. I think I am going to make sure my cell phone and computer are fully charged before it goes out again!

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  1. you really do blog about your day!!! LOL...hi Katie...ive said it like 3999 times already!