Friday, June 5, 2009


Wednesday night. Went to dinner with a bunch of friends. The "father" of the group picked the restaurant. Let me preface this by saying that we were in the Concord Mills vicinity at the time. Sooooo, not a lot of great restaurants to choose from. We ended up at this cajun place called, Razoos or something like that. Seven of us sat at a huge round table. I almost want to say it felt like there was an empty chair on either side of each of us. Anyways, after we perused the menu, "father" stated that we could go to the mexican restaurant next door but that the food would be really cheesy. One of my friends stated that he wouldn't mind going to a place where he could tell them to go light on the cheese instead of a place that has a lot of unhealthy, unecessary ingredients in their dishes. We ended up staying at the cajun place. I read every item description on the menu at least twice TRYING to find a somewhat healthy item. No such luck. I ordered baked catfish with rice and fried okra. I have a soft spot for fried okra. I figured baked was better than every other dish that was fried, blackened, or both. Several of my friends ordered the hamburger or "hamboiger" as it was printed on the menu. After we each received our platters, I noticed that no matter what you ordered, there was a huge helping of seasonings sprinkled (or dumped) on everything! I pictured the food prep line in the kitchen with one dude at the end of the line whose sole responsibility was to turn up the big jug of seasonings on every platter. Salads, seasonings. Soup, seasonings. Rice, seasonings. Even the hamboigler had seasongs. I bet the desserts even had seasonings! I picked at my food and ate some of what was on my plate just because it was sitting there. I felt sick the entire ride home and scrubbed my teeth immediately upon arrival of my bathroom. My stomach turned the next day when the place was mentioned. One of my friends noted that we should have just looked at the place before we walked in and realized we didn't belong. Applebee's (which I hate) would have probably been better.

Food is a very interesting topic. I have been exposed to very unhealthy eating habits lately. Entire chocolate creme pies, entire boxes of fried chicken, and entire watermelons in one sitting! Wow.

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  1. Dude, I ate 3 Peanut Butter and Jelly Bonk Breakers today, in one sitting...sadly, they were the last 3 I is truly a sad moment here now.