Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Empty Hangers?

What do you do when you go to hang up clean clothes and you have no empty hangers? I think people commonly would problem solve by purchasing new hangers. Not this girl! I did a small sweep of my closet and came up with a handful of hangers. I am a big fan of donating to goodwill. Less than 6 months ago, I donated over 10 garbage bags of things from my house. It's that time again! I have motivation and a need to downsize my belongings in the upcoming weeks. More to come on that later!

Overall, I have had a better week this week than last week. I'm hoping the trend continues. This is who I spent my evening with...

Super cute 2 year old. We spent a large part of our time together swinging on the front porch swing and enjoying the perfect weather. Oh yeah, I LOVE front porch swings. Never had one, but my next house WILL have a front porch with room for a swing! Everytime the swing hit the house, I taught her to say "whoopsie daisy." Very cute. I am passing time with her again tomorrow night.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning...not changing jobs again, don't worry. It's for some possible part time temporary therapeutic work. I am definitely not ready to dive into therapy again, but a little won't hurt!

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