Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Years of School?

How did I do it?! As I am sitting here trying to study (yes that's right, study!), I am thinking about all the years of school I participated in. High School, College, and Graduate school. I know how I did it. I attended class (most of the time), listened (sort of), took notes (or passed notes), and took tests (I was usually one of the first to turn mine in). Studying has never been my strong suit. I can't do it. I have trouble concentrating big time.

I am 4 hours short of continuing education hours to renew my license for another 2 years. So here I sit, in the 24 hour bakery (Amelie's) reading about ethics and school violence. I had to do 4 hours of ethics. So I picked the cheapest internet class. I did fine the first 3 chapters, but each one after that I became too distracted. There are too many websites to visit and too many people to people watch. I will get through this at some point...


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