Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stale Bread, Sugar Bowl, & Smoke

I just got out of the shower after returning home from the sports bar where I watched my team lose in the Sugar Bowl. I reeked of smoke and bar funk. I am really disgusted by cigarette smoke but I do like this shirt I received as a gift. It has a really nice fit, and includes the long sleeves underneath the short sleeve part. This makes me happy.
My morning started off hectic. I find myself being very impatient in my car. I wish I could just ride my bike. I wolfed down some banana nut bread from the Laurel Market on the way to the shipping store. I probably wouldn't have eaten it except for the fact I was absolutely starving! I could not force myself to eat the last few bites, so I rolled down my window to chunk it out, and it hit the inside of my car with a thud. Gross.

Work was not so bad. I sold two bikes and my boss did not hate me today...

More later,


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