Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose

I saw some geese on my ride this afternoon. An unusually hot day considering it's October! Anyways, I never had an opinion on geese until my last job. After working in a closet for basically 5 months, I was moved to a HUGE office at the back of the school. It was seriously 4 times the size of my old office, with my own bathroom! Too bad I didn't stay there longer than a few months. To continue with the story; once my office was moved, I parked in the back of the building. Apparently some geese laid eggs back there by the door to the building. Several mornings, I would park my car, get out, walk towards the building, and get attacked by geese. When I say attacked, I mean wings flapping, hissing, and charging towards me. This happened about 3-4 times before I realized that if the geese were cruising around back there, I would have to park at the front of the building and walk about 10 minutes through the school to get to my office. Every morning I would drive to the back, see geese, and drive to the front. After about a month or so, I guess the baby geese were born and they relocated themselves. But, I may be scarred for life! I shiver every time I see geese or get near them!

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