Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dead End Road

Things have once again not turned out the way I planned for them to. Had some adventures in mind for this Spring, but it won't happen now. Very frustrated with several things; mainly the government. I am owed lots of money that has been delayed for over 6 months. This is one reason why things are not falling into place. Focusing on helping others, nutrition, and getting fit. Trying to focus on one thing I enjoy to see how well I can do. In the past I have been engaged in lots of activities and performed mediocre. We shall see...

I was told the other night that a path I had taken was a "dead end road." Yes I know that now.

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  1. Plans are more and more difficult to keep up as we go along and don't know where our life is taking us. I miss ya and love ya and think about you lots!!