Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook Patheticism

Ok, so I just made up that "patheticism" word. In my world it means something along the lines of "the art of being pathetic." Anyways, I thought it fit nicely in this situation:

I received an inbox email on my facebook account from a guy named "Dan."

Dan: Katie? Damn, haven't heard from YOU in awhile!

My Reply: How do I know you?

Dan's Reply: Actually, you probably don't. You used to date a buddy of mine that lived up in Charlotte. I had been up there a couple times to visit and I knew a few people from his area so I was just browsing Charlotte people to see if I remembered anyone and that's when I saw your name. Actually, it didn't even fully register until I saw that you had went to Alabama, then I remembered who you were. Anyhow, I'm Dan and I live in Florida and we've never met but I remembered your name so just wanted to say hey!

His Reply #2 after I didn't reply: You do remember {insert name of ex-boyfriend here}, right?

My Short but Sweet Reply: Yes

His next step that I foresee; asking to be my friend. But I won't accept only because I am actually friends with my facebook friends. Am I being too critical? Maybe he is super bored, evidenced by him searching all the people in Charlotte!!!

Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow!


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