Monday, April 20, 2009

To Live Without

I've been without something in my life for a few weeks now. It's like one of those puzzles you do in elementary school where you receive a bunch of clues and you try to guess what it is. I save time, I travel lighter, it makes my life and other's easier, it saves money and electricity, it simplifies life. Only one other person knows what I have been living without.

This has me thinking; what else can I live without? What can you live without? Is there something that you don't really need in your life? Will it save time, money, electricity? Will it improve your health, mental health, finances? Is there someone you can live without? Is this person bringing you down, making you unhappy, or encouraging you to do things you wouldn't normally do?

I've been reading this book by Gregory Johnson, Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned from Living in 140 Square Feet, where the author explains how he downsized his entire life. His house is 140 square feet, he has no electricity or running water, no car, no kitchen, no bathroom, etc. He is living without a lot! A little extreme, but it definitely makes me think what I could live without.

I know one thing I cannot live without currently. I haven't been to physical therapy in over a week, and I have had a lot of problems with my ankle over the past few days. Pain and stiffness. I walked on my tip toes the majority of today. I'm not ready for every other week appointments. I know that now.

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