Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tuesday was my birthday...I'm knocking on 30's door! It was a very uneventful day, but that was what I needed. Still trying to clear up residual stuff from booty. Here are some pics from my birthday... Thanks to my coworkers and Edible Art for this cute cake. It was very good too! Except when a cyclist decided to dig in it with his hands! I kept thinking assos all over my cake!

Here is a picture of some flowers I received at the shop from a mysterious cyclist..oooo the suspense!
And this picture isn't from my birthday, but it is a cool bracelet that was given to me by Sergio from Spoken' For. He makes bracelets out of spokes. Thanks to everyone who made my day great...including my family who took me out to dinner! I hope year 29 in the life of Katie O is great! Gotta be better than year 28, right?!

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