Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Week of Booty...

...wait I mean 24 hours of booty! And no it's not what you think it is. It's a 24 hour charity cycling event. We are the shop sponsor of the event. I spent all week preparing for our part in the event and working the event. Boy am I tired! I spent the large majority of today in the bed. Not good for morale!

Tuesday: Awoke at 6am to ride my bike on the news for the event. Wednesday: Well deserved day off and calm before the storm. Thursday: Packet pickup at the shop. I arrived at 7am and worked until 8 or 9pm. Long day with lots of people/commotion. Friday: Worked all day at the shop and then headed to the event to work our booth. Long, long night. I ended up crashing for a few hours in a VW bus wrapped up in a sleeping bag, sweating my ass off! Saturday: Woke up at 5:45am to find some of my coworkers passed out in the bus and some still awake. Ate breakfast and then rode with a couple of friends for support until I was kicked off the course for riding illegally. Went to work, ran around all day, no lunch, and then back to the booth to help with breakdown. Finally a night of rest!

The worst part of this week; not being able to ride my bike as much as I would have liked!

Funniest observation of the event: I was walking around with my boss and about a stone's throw from our setup was a million dollar RV where the founder of the event stayed. It was super cool looking with a rooftop patio area and a huge flat panel tv playing the Tour on the side. Here is a picture:
We were going to tour this monstrosity, but decided that the people in there were probably not awake yet. So...we turned around and headed back to our abode. I started laughing when I turned the corner only to find this...
We look super homeless and sketchy! But it was a lot of fun! Thanks to all of my coworkers that helped, friends of the shop, and my friends for stopping by and hanging out! Great cause for everyone who rode hard and pushed themselves!

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