Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better Day, Better Off

"Do you know what I needed today? I needed a stress-free fun day. And that's what I got. Thank you."

I went into work for a bit to settle some business, put my old bike back together (with a little help from my friends), and avoided getting sucked into work! Cleaning and reassembling my bike was a great feeling. Bikes are pretty complicated if you don't know what you are doing, but I had my hand held the entire time.

I had a great day filled with good food, good conversation, and a good ride! Just what I needed after a couple of stressful days earlier this week.

A few observations of mine from the day.

A) I ended up in this trendy-ish skate shop downtown. We needed to use the phone to alert a friend his business was left unlocked. I thought the store was pretty unique with it's wide array of skate shoes, jeans, and tiny t-shirts. The guy working at the front counter had on a vest-type holster with two huge guns in it! My friend asked if he worked security and his response was, "No, you can never be too safe." I guess you can never be too safe in downtown Charlotte, in the middle of the day, in a trendy skate shop, in a super nice condo high-rise. He also had this too fast too furious orange motorcycle outside of the shop. I kept picturing him in some sort of high speed chase with his guns blazing. Interesting character.

B) I ran into a girl that I have met once before. She updated us on her job status. Apparently she went from designing houses to manual labor. She is the owner of the company. I started to think how it really shows something about a company when you see the head honcho scrubbing baseboards with his employees, changing tubes on wall-mart bikes, or building a foundation on a house. I like it. It's also motivating for the employees to see their boss getting his or her fingernails dirty. I have always told people "underneath" me that I will never give you a job to do that I haven't done myself.

C) I like unique, interesting people. People that have their own story or do their own thing without worrying what others think.

D) I was notified about a change in a friend's life. It's for the better. This friend doesn't know the whole story about the change, but I do.

Off to work in a bit. I'm hoping for another great day!

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