Friday, May 29, 2009


Best feeling of the week; no customers asked me why I was limping! This makes me so excited coupled with "no PT for me!" I am now moving to every other week for physical therapy and I feel great about it! It has been a little more than 7 months since I broke my ankle. Crazy huh?

Funny story from yesterday - A customer called the store while I was the only one on the floor. He yelled at me for about 10 minutes. It was the type of conversation where he was so heated that I couldn't get in a word. He was complaining about how his son was in the store a week ago with his wife. Apparently he tripped on something and ripped his shoes. His wife told him that the employees at my store told her that she needs to watch her son and not let him run around the store. The man on the phone was so mad that he wanted to speak to the owner and he wanted compensation for his son's shoes. My boss happened to walk in during the middle of this convo, so I gladly handed him the phone. Mr. Angry Man continued to yell at my boss for another 10 minutes. My boss kept apologizing, asking the man what he could do to make it up to him, and asking for a meeting. The man kept saying he wanted compensation for his son's shoes. My boss said, "how much were the shoes?" $14.99. My boss said he would gladly give the man 15 bucks. Mr. Hot Head then said he would call back at exactly 3 o'clock. My boss asked all of us about the situation, but no one knew anything about it. The man called back about an hour later apologizing to my boss. Supposedly, the man ran into his neighbor who was with his wife when all of this happened. The truth comes out...the little boy tripped on his way up to the store and his wife subsequently lied to her husband about the whole situation. My boss accepted his apology and then fell to the floor laughing after he hung up. Damn. This makes me wonder about what kind of person wifey is and what kind of relationship they have. That brings up some trust issues I suppose.

Speaking of trust...I was let in on a situation the other day. It involves 2 friends/acquaintenaces. They both have different stories. One of them is lying. Great.

Funny story from today - I was invited to a friend's "naughty/nice" wedding shower. I was to bring a nice gift and a naughty gift. Nice gift, check. The naughty gift was bought after work today due to the fact that the adult store didn't open until my work opened. I flew into the parking lot (because I was already late to the party), and briskly walked into the shop. Both employees stated that they could tell I needed a gift in a hurry. I said "yes, I need a $5-$10 gift for a party and quick!" They handed me a toy that required a battery and sent me on my way. I exclaimed, "that was the easiest sale of the day!" Being in retail you have to love easy sales!

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