Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flat Tire, Flat Affect

Day started very nice with a trip to yoga. The instructor told a story that really hit home. She mentioned how she had a job way back when that was fun, but that she didn't at the time think it was very meaningful. She tried out several jobs in between and ended up going back to the profession she mentioned earlier. She said something to the effect of "even if someone doesn't think your job is meaningful, it is."

This prompted me to visit some of my old coworkers in K-town. I was sad to hear one of them had called in sick. I think she was sick of "speed week." She used to always complain about the speedway because she lives very close to it. The vibe was very different at my old job. There wasn't a sense of camaraderie that used to flow through the hallways. Back when I worked there, it felt like a team effort and we all got along just fine. I encountered the "new Ms. Overcash." She thanked me (very sarcastically) for the bright yellow walls in her office. She then continued to complain about her job, salary, etc. This conversation ended with her throwing her tupperware furiously in the trash. I visited with a few more of the people I liked and then went about my way. My friend alerted me after I left that the "new Ms. Overcash" was upset about end of year testing and about me being there. I had never met her before in my life. My friend has already diagnosed her with a personality disorder. That explains it. I was also shocked to hear that an article was written in the paper today about the school closing down next year. The staff was disappointed to read it in the paper.

I ran some more errands, followed by a nap. Someone had a conversation with me about safety. This is where my flat affect appeared. It didn't seem to effect me whatsoever. I then decided to ride my bike. I popped a flat with less than 10 miles left in my ride. It wasn't in the greatest area of town, but that didn't effect me either. It took me about 20 minutes to change it, but in the meantime a lady named "Nan" approached me. She stated that she saw me as she was driving by and didn't think I would be safe sitting there changing my flat. It was very nice of her to sit with me. She even offered to drive me home or follow me home on my bike in case I got another flat. I thanked her several times and went about my way. Less than 2 minutes after a very kind gesture, a not so nice gesture happened. The bike lane ran out on this particular road and I was riding in the lane as I am supposed to. A lady in a minivan leaned her head out of the passenger window yelling something at me like, "get in the bike lane!" Everytime this happens to me I want to yell back so badly. I don't though.

I have been pretty "flat" about some other things in my life. I've let things happen that shouldn't happen. I'm over it. Done.

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